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Up for the cup: NetEnts Live Roulette

“This is the ideal solution for casino operators that want to maximise a player’s enjoyment of their Live Roulette game during the World Cup. You do not necessarily have to be the world’s biggest football fan to enjoy the World Cup either, as it appeals to a very large customer base. “The more engaging an atmosphere you can create, including visual assets and dealer engagement with a World Cup game in progress, the more enjoyable a player’s experience will be.” Many casino providers are seeking to boost engagement during the World Cup – how will NetEnt’s offering stand out? “The World Cup is the world’s biggest sporting event, so it makes it such an exciting time for our industry and for players with all our partners. We of course expect other providers to showcase new and innovative features during the World Cup, but I would like to think the NetEnt Live World Cup table will be the best-in-class as it is built on a technology that adds additional engagement opportunities for players. “We are proud of the digital streaming technology we developed over the years. Players will enjoy live updates from the games on our digital backgrounds, which will be complimented by the expert commentary of some of our best game presenters.” How do you expect this product to be received by operators – how much interest have you seen in the product so far? “All operators that have had the opportunity to view the product have been very impressed, and that gives us the confidence that we can go a long way with this product. “We do not have to stop at the end of the World Cup, as our partners are already considering the idea of keeping a deal in place for the product beyond the end of the tournament, and we are excited to see where this will take us.” What are the chances you could use similar products in the future to cross-sell throughout the football season or during other major sporting events?

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